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Food Stars can also provide a range of practical tools to support your food safety program including:




Food Safety Posters are useful educational aids to help reinforce food safety principles.  Food Stars has developed an extensive range of practical A3 sized food safety posters to support your in-house training program.  The laminated posters can be displayed in tea rooms and workplaces or used as an extra visual aid during training and mentoring.

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Handwashing kits


Handwashing kits provide a fun, 'hands on' approach to teaching food handlers about

  • cross contamination

  • effective handwashing

The kits are also very useful for teaching handwashing to doctors, nurses and auxiliary staff and in health care settings such as hospitals, nursing homes and hostels.


Probe thermometers


Probe Thermometers are an essential part of a food safety program toolkit.  The Food Stars thermometers all meet the Food Safety Standard requirement of being accurate to at least plus or minus one degree.  The thermometers have been selected for their

  • accuracy

  • clarity of reading

  • practicality

  • durability

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Infrared thermometers

Infrared thermometers are ideal for measuring temperatures without damaging packaging.  They are fairly accurate, but not as accurate as probe thermometers but are ideal for screening foods e.g. when receiving goods or checking the temperature of foods displayed on supermarket shelves.  If a food shows a high reading, the temperature can be checked with a probe thermometer.

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Data loggers

Data loggers provide continuous recording of temperatures and are essential to accurately monitor the temperatures of food through the refrigeration chain.  We provide a range of data loggers with internal or external sensors, that can be wall mounted if necessary.  You can download the information by plugging the units into your computer or attaching the logger to a hand held printer or use a data collector to gather data from a number of loggers and download the information from the data collector to your computer.

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Comparator cup


Comparator cups are used to calibrate thermometers using the reference thermometer method.  You place a certified, calibrated probe thermometer into the probe hole at the bottom of the cup and place a probe thermometer to be calibrated in a second hole at the bottom of the cup.  An infrared thermometer can also be placed at the top of the cup.  The cup is made of materials that provide a constant temperature inside the cup, so you can compare the temperatures of the devices.  If the temperatures differ the thermometers may be repaired  as necessary.  This method is quick, accurate and saves messing about with inaccurate ice point calibration.  Priced at $123.30 including GST.

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