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Food Stars Services

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 $110 per hour

 including GST.




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Perth Metropolitan Area is regarded as including postcodes 6000 to 6200


Food Stars consultants can be with you at every step as you build your food safety program.  We can provide consultancy, assessment and auditing services.


Food Stars Consultants can provide:

  • One-on-one coaching to review any aspect of the Food Stars workshops
  • On-site training customised to suit your business' food safety needs
  • On-site mentorship to help you develop suitable procedures and worksheets
  • Coaching calls to keep you on track
  • Administration support to help you type up documents and procedures.


Food Stars Assessors can

  • Ensure that the training phase to support your program is completed adequately.  

  • Confirm that your program contains all essential elements.  

  • Provide practical advice during assessment so you can demonstrate competency

  • Undertake 'practice audits' so you and your staff know what to expect during the real thing!




Food Stars Assessors can mentor you through the development of your program that is recognised through optional One, Two and Three Star Assessment Certificates.


Food Stars Auditors:

  • Have accredited auditor qualifications as well as special Food Stars training. 

  • To ensure that Food Stars audits provide maximum benefit to the business, the Food Stars Auditor allocated for your audit will have had no personal involvement with the development of your program.



Food Stars Auditors are independent as they have not been involved in the development of the program.


 Other Food Stars training:

  • How to develop a food recall procedure

  • Introduction to food labelling

  • Word for Food Stars (to show you how to customise tables and forms used in the Food Stars package)




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Last updated 2 January 2019