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Prices current as at

2 January 2019


All Testo digital thermometers offered through Food Stars P/L are accurate, easy to use and selected specially to meet the needs of the food industry. 

Thermometer models available include:


Testo Waterproof multi thermometer


including GST.


Testo Waterproof multi thermometer.

Ideal for canteens, catering, transportation etc. This waterproof thermometer is great for wet environments.

Measuring range -40C to +230C, accuracy 1.0C (between -20C and +99.9C).  Waterproof IP 67 (30min, up to 1m under water at ambient temperature).



Testo 106-T1


including GST.


Testo 106-T1 -  Quick-action penetration thermometer.  

Ideal for core temperature checks in all areas e.g. catering, hotels, industrial kitchens, supermarkets. 

Measuring range -50C to +230C, accuracy 0.5C (between -30C and +99.9C). 



Testo 110

Base unit


including GST. Probe and TopSafe extra.




Testo 110 - Food and butcher sets.  

These sets contain a highly accurate thermometer base unit, ideal for food, laboratory, refrigeration or freezing that can be matched with a range of 10 different probes for a wide range of uses. 

Depending on the probe selected, the measuring range is -50C to +275C with an accuracy of between 0.2C and 0.4C.



Testo 105

3 tip set


including GST.




Testo 105 - Robust food thermometer with interchangeable probes.

The professional temperature instrument with three interchangeable tips for measuring liquids, solids, frozen goods or larger pieces of meat.

Measuring range -50C to +275C with an accuracy of 0.5C (between -20C and +100C).  The unit is also available with a penetration tip only for $232.10 including GST.



Testo 826-T4


including GST.


Testo 826-T4 -  2 in 1 thermometer.

This combined probe and infrared thermometer provides maximum flexibility. 

The infrared thermometer has a measuring range of -50C to +400C with an accuracy of 2C (between -50C and +100C).  The temperature probe has a measuring range of -50C to +230C with an accuracy of 0.5C (between -20C and 100C).



Testo 205


including GST.


Testo 205 - Robust food penetration pH meter with thermometer.

This instrument is ideal for meat processing as it can measure temperature and pH. 

This robust food penetration instrument has a pH/C meter with automatic temperature compensation with an accuracy of pH 0.02pH and temperature 0.4C.



Refrigerator Thermometer


including GST.


  Bi-metal Fridge / Freezer thermometer.

On its own this thermometer does not meet the requirements of the Food Safety Standards but it provides a useful indication of temperature  in a fridge, chilled cabinet or freezer.

Accurate to 1C over its full range from -30 C to +40C the easy to read 54mm dial can be placed anywhere in the appliance with the self adhesive pad provided.  The temperature can be adjusted from the front of the dial with a small screwdriver if calibration is required.






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