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All Testo data loggers offered through Food Stars P/L are easy to use and selected specially to meet the needs of the food industry. 



Data loggers available include models with internal sensors, external probes or both.  There are compact models, models with temperature displays and those that can be wall mounted in position. 

You can print out information on site using a hand held fast printer, attach your data logger directly to your computer or collect information from a number of units using a data collector that can then be attached to your computer. 

The possibilities are endless.  Therefore, we recommend you contact us to discuss your data logger needs, so we can find the unit that works best for your business.

Here is a small selection of available models and data logger accessories.  Ask about the starter set options.


Testo 174T


including GST

Testo 174 - Mini data logger.  

This is ideal for accompanying transports.  The logger is simply placed beside the product e.g. in aeroplanes, containers, refrigerated rooms etc and constantly monitors the fluctuations in temperature unobtrusively.  The logger with display supplies the most up-to-date reading and maximum and minimum values immediately on-site and indicates when limit values have been exceeded.  The logger is programmed and downloaded via PC/Notebook using ComSoft 3 software.  Data is secure, even if the battery is spent.  The current reading is shown on large display and the battery is easy to change. 

Internal channel measuring range -30C to +70C with accuracy 0.5C (between -20C and +39.9C).  Lithium battery, weight 24g, dimensions 55x35x14mm. 



Testo 174T

Starter Kit

(includes USB dock)


including GST


Testo T174 Starter Kit

Includes mini data logger, ComSoft 3 Basic, wall holder, lock and interface including PC connection cable.



Testo 175-T1


including GST.


Testo 175-T1 - Compact data logger

Compact data logger ideal for accompanying goods.  Temperature data logger, 1 channel with internal sensor, including wall holder and calibration protocol. 

Measuring range -35C to +70C, with accuracy of 0.5C (between -20C and +70C).  Lithium battery, weight 90g, dimensions 82x52x30mm.



Testo 175-T2


including GST.


Testo 175-T2 - Compact data logger with probe

Compact data logger with external probe socket.  Temperature data logger 2 channels with internal sensor and external probe socket, wall holder and calibration protocol. 

Measuring range internal sensor -35C to +70C with accuracy of 0.5C (between -20C and +70C).  Measuring range external sensor -40C to +120C, accuracy  0.3C (between -25C and +70C).  Lithium battery, weight 84g, dimensions 82x52x30mm.



Testo 176-T1


including GST.


Testo 176-T2 - 1-channel temperature logger in metal housing with connection for highly accurate external sensor (Pt100). 

Temperature data logger, 1 channel, with internal sensor, wall holder and calibration protocol.  This is a professional data logger with large display that can be read from a distance.  It provides you with a quick overview of the current value, the last value saved, maximum and minimum values and the number of times the limits were exceeded.  All of the values collected during long-term monitoring over months/years can be transferred to your notebook/PC.  Convenient analysis possible using Windows based software. 

Measuring range -40C to +70C with accuracy of 0.4C (between -25 and +70C).  Lithium battery, dimensions 103x63x33mm. Measuring rate 1s - 24h.



Testo 176-T2


including GST. 


Testo 176-T2 2-channel temperature logger with connections for highly accurate external sensor

Documents 2 temperatures simultaneously providing proof of an uninterrupted cooling chain during transport or when monitoring production processes.  Surface, immersion and air probes make it possible to adapt to the respective measuring task.  For example, complete monitoring of intake and outgoing temperatures is possible when monitoring transport.  The measuring cycle of the event can be set completely independently of the measuring cycle of the temperature channels.

External channel (2) measuring range -100C to +400C with accuracy 0.2C (between -25C and +70C).  Lithium battery, dimensions 103x64x33mm.


Locks for wall holders, transport cases and calibration certificates are also available.




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