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  Two Star level  

The Two Star Pack


Two Star Pack


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Two Star level ensures premises are suitable, procedures are followed and worksheets are completed.


Benefit to your business

After completing the Two Star Level, a food business will be able to demonstrate it meets the requirements of 

  • Food Safety Standard 3.2.2 Food Safety Practices and General Requirements and 

  • Standard 3.2.3 Food Premises and Equipment.


What is in the Two Star package?
The Two Star package contains:

  • Training voucher for two people to attend a two-hour Two Star workshop

  • Two Star Handbooks (2) 

  • Two Star Manual containing examples of forms to administer the program

  • PowerPoint® presentation to train supervisors and key food handlers

  • Word ® documents to customise for your business.


    How to achieve the Two Star level?
    One Star is a pre-requisite for the Two Star level. However, both levels may be implemented at the same time if required.


    The 'Food Star Supervisor' for the business:

    1. Attends the Two Star Workshop to learn how to implement the Two Star level

    2. Co-ordinates the development of suitable procedures and worksheets

    3. Trains food handlers to follow procedures and complete worksheets

    4. Conducts internal skills assessment to make sure premises are suitable, procedures are followed and worksheets are completed

    5. A Two Star certificate is awarded when a Food Stars Assessor confirms the One and Two Star standards have been achieved.









Use Two Star handbook and PowerPoint presentation to develop procedures





Use Two Star manual and CD to develop worksheets





Food Stars assessment certificate (internal audit)





1. Workshop

The Food Stars Supervisor (and another person from the business) attends a two-hour workshop to learn how to implement the program using the Two Star package. A voucher for two people to attend the workshop is included in the Two Star package. Extra people may attend the workshop for a small fee. (See separate Price List).

At the workshop the Food Stars Supervisor will be advised on the most suitable procedures and worksheets to develop for the business.

2. Develop Worksheets and Procedures

The Food Stars Supervisor works with the Manager and other food handlers to:

  • Check that premises are suitable and are provided with all necessary services

  • Develop procedures and worksheets in appropriate formats for the business using the example documents from the CD-ROM with the package.

3. Train Food Handlers

The Food Stars Supervisor:

  • Determines which food handlers need to learn which procedures

  • Shows food handlers how to follow the procedures and complete worksheets

  • The PowerPoint® presentation in the training package may help provide an overview to food handlers of why procedures and worksheets are necessary and how they help a business demonstrate it is handling food safely.

4. Skills Assessment by business

The Food Stars Supervisor uses the Skills Assessment to check that premises are suitable, procedures are followed and worksheets are completed.


When the Food Stars Supervisor is confident that all elements of Two Star have been implemented the business may choose to have an independent assessment by a Food Stars Assessor.

5. Food Stars Assessment/Certification

The Food Stars Assessor will check that:

  • One Star standards have been maintained

  • Premises are suitable, procedures are developed and followed and worksheets are completed

  • A Two Star certificate is only awarded when a Food Stars Assessor confirms that all One and Two Star requirements have been achieved.


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