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    Why do you need a food safety program?  

The Food Standards Code contains the Food Safety Standards that all food businesses must comply with.  Food Stars shows you how to demonstrate you comply with the Food Safety Standards.



Proposals under consideration will soon require high risk businesses to have food safety programs.



Every food business is only as good as the worst meal or product it makes.  Don't wait for that food complaint or food recall that could put you out of business.  Timely prevention is better than a costly cure.

A food safety program keeps you in control.  It let's you identify and manage your food safety hazards in a logical way -  preventing problems before they begin.

Legislation requires many high risk food businesses who provide food to vulnerable people (e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, aged care facilities, child care centres etc) to have food safety programs in place by 5th October 2008. 

Why not take control and implement your own program now in your own time, so you have confidence that it is working properly before it is enforced by law?

Many businesses have already discovered the benefits of having a food safety program.  These include:

  • Businesses contracted to provide food to supermarkets that need to demonstrate they have a HACCP-based food safety program

  • Businesses where their clients' health is the first priority as they are producing food to vulnerable groups of people e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, child care centres

  • Businesses providing food on mine sites where a food poisoning outbreak could affect production

  • Businesses contracted to cater for major events where hundreds or thousands of people could be affected by food poisoning if something went wrong

  • Businesses that want to go beyond the minimum standards required by legislation and also impress their insurance companies

  • Businesses that just want to get it right the first time!

Food Stars has been developed to align with Standard 3.2.1 Food Safety Programs and provides you and your staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a food safety program in three steps:

  • One Star - Food safety and hygiene training for all food handlers

  • Two Star - The premises are suitable and procedures and worksheets demonstrate that good food safety practices are in place.

  • Three Star - The administration system is developed and HACCP principles have been applied to produce safe food.

You will learn how to use the Food Stars packages effectively at workshops so you get the most out of the handbooks, manuals and CDs.  In addition,  the Food Stars Assessors are available to provide extra help if required.

 If your business would like Food Stars recognition,

  • A Food Stars Assessment will confirm your business has achieved the One, Two or Three Star level 

  • A Food Stars Audit (undertaken at least annually) will confirm that your business has maintained the Food Stars standards.  This is very useful for businesses seeking to obtain and maintain supplier contracts and gain a competitive advantage.





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Last updated 2 January 2019